MiCOM Labs Inc., has released MiTest, a hardware and cloud based computing test system that can accelerate product development release by running regulatory compliance testing in a company’s own design lab.  “MiTest provides manufacturers the ability to consolidate company-wide test processes, enabling flexible in-house compliance testing and certification possibilities for new products,” said Gordon Hurst, president and CEO for MiCOM Labs.  “MiTest implements cloud based data processing, providing users instant feedback while maintaining data integrity. Having the ability to incorporate prototype pre-scans into a company’s design phase for their wireless devices will allow early detection of potential compliance issues allowing companies to not only stay ahead of their competition by decreasing time to market but by significantly reducing regulatory compliance costs.”

The MiTest System consists of an RF system controller (hardware interface platform), a choice of industry standard spectrum analyzer, and a powerful cloud based management infrastructure. Users log-in to their cloud based account, select a test standard from the global standards directory and add product details to the built in questionnaire. The scalable system is capable of accommodating new standards and technologies.

Price and Availability

Delivery is 4-6 weeks upon receipt of order. For more information about pricing, contact our MiTest sales office by calling (925) 462-0304 or emailing MiTestGroup@MiCOMLabs.com.