Mobile operators, OEMs, chipset and infrastructure vendors are challenged as never before with the deployment of new network, device and service technologies. The industry-accepted testing paradigm is under severe stress to accommodate an explosion of new test cases without corresponding increases in budget or time to market. At CTIA 2013, Azimuth is pleased to unveil solutions for a new testing paradigm:

  • Scalable: a seamless, integrated test platform built to incorporate tests of new technologies or applications without major upgrades
  • Smart: diagnostics and analytics which intelligently connect end-user experience metrics with device and network KPIs to facilitate root cause analysis
  • Subscriber
  • Centric: as the underlying technologies grow in complexity, the need to measure their effect on the user experience intensifies; this experience is best represented by popular applications on devices exercised in environments reflective of typical usage scenarios

Azimuth’s Lab Systems—installed at Tier-1 operators and OEMs worldwide—are software-upgradable to support testing of LTE-Advanced features including Carrier Aggregation and Coordinated Multipoint.

Field-To-Lab replays live-network radio environments by parsing captures and logs from actual drive testing. By more closely approximating the conditions experienced in actual network environments in the lab, the solution has been proven to reduce field test costs by up to thirty percent.

Azimuth Diagnostics & Analytics (DnA) correlates user experience and device-network KPIs with sophisticated visualization, providing labs, field teams and ecosystem partners with a common language to speed identification of issues, root causes and resolution. Customers can accelerate acceptance of new devices, validate and optimize network settings, benchmark competitive products and troubleshoot devices in the field.

Azimuth’s Device Automation & Control (DAC) further augments testing by automating device operations, diagnostic monitoring, results capture and performance reporting, enabling end-to-end visibility from application to device to network.