PEC3-40-1D6G2D7G-15LM-SFFPMI Model No. PEC3-40-1D6G2D7G-15LM-SFF is a limiting amplifier that operates over the frequency range of 1.6 to 2.7 GHz and offers a limited output of 15 dBm  ± 2 dBm.  The saturated power frequency flatness is ±1.5 dB maximum with a gain of 35 dB minimum and a typical noise figure of 4.5 dB.  The 2nd harmonic rejection is 24 dBc typically with an OIP3 of +18 dBm typical.

This amplifier offers superior pulse response performance with a maximum overshoot of 0.4 dB, settling time of 15 ns maximum and a maximum recovery time of 50 ns.  Input power levels of up to +25 dBm CW can be applied without any damage to the amplifier.

This unit is supplied in a housing that measured 1.91” x 0.78” x 0.36” and has SMA female connectors.