PMI Model PEC3-40-2G6G-15LM-SFF-HS is a temperature compensated, limiting amplifier. This model operates over the 1.85 to 6.25 GHz frequency range and provides a limited power output of +15 dBm minimum for an input power range of -15 to +17 dBm.

This model provides excellent power output flatness of ±1.5 dB maximum over the operation frequency and operating temperature range. Harmonic content is kept to -15 dBc minimum. This model contains an integrated input limiter such that it can handle input power levels of up to +20 dBm CW. Only one DC supply voltage is required.

This model is supplied in a small hermetic housing that measures only 1.91" x 0.78" x 0.36".

Other frequency ranges and output power levels are available.

• Temperature Compensated
• Excellent Output Power Flatness Versus Frequency And Temperature
• Low Harmonic Content
• Low Overshoot Performance
• Ultra-Fast Settling Time and Recovery Time
• Single DC Supply Operation
• Small Size
• Hermetically Sealed

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