CRFS has been named as the winner of a 2013 Queen's Award for Enterprise, International Trade. The award recognizes the success of the company's international strategy in establishing itself as a major exporter of spectrum monitoring and surveillance technology.

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are the UK's most prestigious business awards, designed to recognize and encourage the achievements by businesses in the UK. The awards are granted in the fields of Innovation, International Trade, and Sustainable Development.

"We are delighted that the UK Government has granted us a Queen's Award for Enterprise," said Alistair Massarella, CEO of CRFS. "This award is an official acknowledgment of CRFS's success in building our business in overseas markets, which we have achieved during a period of challenging global economic conditions."

CRFS's flagship RFeye is a cost-effective and intelligent RF sensor that can be deployed either locally in critical buildings or installations or in very large networks (across cities, regions, or even whole countries) to monitor activity in the RF spectrum. The RFeye captures and analyzes signals across the spectrum up to 18 GHz and rapidly identifies and locates the source of suspicious or interfering signals. It is used to help plan and manage efficient spectrum usage and to resolve interference issues. It also has an important role in alerting the occurrence of unauthorized or illegal transmissions that may indicate a security breach, public safety threat, or espionage.

The RFeye system is easily configurable and is extremely versatile for a range of different applications. This flexibility has made it possible for CRFS to identify customer opportunities in a range of market sectors, especially in the US where there are a number of significant non-civilian applications in the security and military sectors. One recent deployment of an RFeye network is at the US. Army Electronic Proving Ground at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, providing rapid detection and radio location of potential interference sources on the installation.