Sage Millimeter Image SFQ-94394312-1010S1-F1Model SFQ-94394312-1010SF-S1 is a W-Band quadrature (I/Q) mixer. The mixer employs high performance GaAs Schottky beamlead diodes, balanced configuration and proprietary circuitry to produce superior RF performance.

The RF and LO ports of the W Band I/Q mixer are WR-10 waveguides and IF ports are standard SMA(F) connectors. The RF and LO operating bandwidth is up to 4 GHz and IF frequency is from DC to 1 GHz. The mixer requires +16 dBm LO power and has 12 dB conversion loss. The RF to LO port isolation is greater than 30 dB and I/Q phase difference is 90 +/- 10 degrees. The RF and LO ports in-line configuration offers ease system insertion.

The I/Q mixer can be used as single side band modulator, single side band up-converter and phase detector. The I/Q mixer family offered also includes the mixers in the frequency bands from Ka to W bands.