Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) announces that shipping has begun for CST STUDIO SUITE® 2013, the latest version of their flagship product. CST STUDIO SUITE comprises a range of EM simulation tools, including the industry-leading high-frequency package CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS). The shipping process is expected to be completed by April 30, 2013.

CST STUDIO SUITE is widely used by engineers working in fields ranging from communications and electronics to healthcare and aviation, helping them to model electromagnetic phenomena and evaluate their designs for optimal performance. Combining high-frequency and low-frequency simulation tools alongside specialized solvers for applications such as PCBs, cables and charged particle devices, CST STUDIO SUITE can be applied to many typical engineering tasks, such as EMC/EMI evaluation, SI and PI analysis, design optimization, and the tuning of antennas and filters.

The most obvious enhancement in the 2013 version is the Ribbon-based user interface. The Ribbon is centered on the standard simulation workflow, leading the engineer from set-up and modeling to simulation and post-processing. The Ribbon is supplemented by new features, including the Project Wizard and QuickStart Guide, which make the process of preparing and configuring a new project straightforward.

These changes are complemented by technological improvements behind-the-scenes. Through CST’s close collaboration with Intel®, the solver code has been optimized to boost performance on the latest generation of processors. To improve the versatility of the software, CST STUDIO SUITE also includes brand-new analysis tools, such as cylinder scans and range profile sinograms. These broaden the number of applications that the software can be used for, and allow it to slot into many different workflows easily.

“We are proud ofthe newest version of CST STUDIO SUITE,” commented Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, CST AG. “It is extremely fast, has an incredible userinterface and brings many important improvements. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from our customers and new potential users.”

Highlights of CST STUDIO 2013

  • General
  • Ribbon based user interface
  • Project wizard
  • Automatic storage of parametric results
  • Cylinder scan for farfields of all solvers
  • CST MWS transient solver
  • Faster, more memory efficient mesh generation
  • Kernel optimized for the latest processors
  • Non-linear, frequency-dependent materials, such as Kerr and Raman materials
  • More than 2 billion mesh cells
  • GPU acceleration for TLM solver
  • CST MWS frequency domain solvers
  • Curved tetrahedrons now default
  • Improved mesh set-up
  • Improved performance and memory efficiency
  • Efficient eigenmode solver supports lossy dielectrics
  • CST MWS asymptotic solver
  • Range profiles and sinograms for RCS
  • Improved automation for model set-up and result creation
  • GPU support for particle-in-cell simulation


CST STUDIO SUITE 2013 is now shipping to all customers with a valid maintenance contract. For more information or an evaluation license, please contact your local sales representative.