Bluetooth will feature in a third of new vehicles in 2012, increasing from just three percent in 2005, according to a new report from technology and consulting firm Strategy Analytics. This report, “Automotive Communications Market: Bluetooth in 30 Percent of New Vehicles by 2012,” predicts that five key influencing factors have led to a surge in automotive Bluetooth applications and cautions car makers not to leave this opportunity to aftermarket vendors. Five key factors have led to an increase in integration of Bluetooth technology in automotive applications over the last 12 months: growing customer awareness of BT; a rapid adoption of BT in cellular phones; strong automotive consumer demand for hands-free solutions; increasing availability of BT solutions in the OE and aftermarket; and legislative measures. “Automotive pricing, promotion and product positioning of Bluetooth versus other in-vehicle features will be critical to how take rates develop over the next two years,” says Clare Hughes, Strategy Analytics Automotive Practice analyst. “As we have already seen with portable navigation, poor competitiveness from car makers and automotive system suppliers will result in aftermarket vendors taking a greater share of the growing consumer demand for Bluetooth.”