Molex Inc. announced its Projected Capacitive Touch Screens, which leverage existing Molex capacitive switch technology to deliver multi-touch functionality that is responsive and intuitive to operate. The touch screens allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to meet specific customer needs by providing customized embedded software; multiple screen and glass styles; a variety of treatment finishes and various output interface choices.

“There is a growing demand for touch screen technology in mid-to-low volume market applications such as handheld devices, monitors, displays and other interactive applications, especially in the medical field,” said Jeff Nagy, product manager, Molex. “The Molex Projected Capacitive Touch Screen gives OEMs looking to incorporate touch screen technology into their products a highly customizable, low-cost option that enables them to meet virtually any customer requirement.”

The Molex Projected Capacitive Touch Screens feature an etched conductive layer that senses touches through the protective layers, providing a long use life of up to 200 million actuations. The 10 point multi-touch capability allows advanced gesturing functionality such as pan, rotate, expand and flick. The product is also available in a wide array of customizable options to meet many specific design criteria and budgets, including:

  • Range of screen design sizes between 2.00 to 32.00 and in 4096 by 4096 dpi resolution
  • Variety of screen materials including glass-and-glass, glass-and-film, film-and-film
  • Different glass styles including general, chemical reinforced and tempered as well as  surface treatment finishes including anti-glare, anti-reflective and clear
  • Embedded software that can be configured to meet specific electrical output requirements
  • Multiple output interfaces including USB, I2C and discrete signals

The product is ideal for a variety of applications including medical IV pumps, defibrillators, glucose meters and pulse oximeters; industrial equipment controls and consumer devices such as tablets, hand-helds and GPS devices.

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