Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC2314-14, a 14 bit 4.5 Msps successive approximation register (SAR) ADC in a tiny 8-lead TSOT-23 package, offering up to 90% reduction in size over competing solutions for space-conscious applications. This small SAR ADC integrates a precision 2.048 V/4.096 V reference with 7 ppm/°C typical and guaranteed 20 ppm/°C maximum temperature coefficient into an 8 mm² footprint. The LTC2314-14 operates from a 3 or 5 V supply and features the lowest power dissipation (18 mW at 3 V or 31 mW at 5 V) compared to other competitive parts on the market. With its serial SPI interface, tiny footprint and very low power dissipation, the LTC2314-14 is ideal for a wide range of portable and space-constrained applications, including medical devices, communications systems and battery-operated systems.

Also available is the LTC2315-12, a 12 bit pin- and software-compatible version of the LTC2314-14, featuring a fast 5 Msps sample rate. The LTC2314-14 and LTC2315-12 lead a family of 14 and 12 bit SAR ADCs featuring sample rates from 500ksps to 5 Msps with 77.5 dB SNR at 14 bits and 73 dB SNR at 12 bits resolution. Accurate DC specifications include a maximum INL and DNL of ±3.75 LSB and ±0.99 LSB at 14 bits, and ±1.25 LSB and ±0.99 LSB at 12 bits, respectively. The complete LTC2314 SAR ADC family offers single-ended unipolar inputs, small 8-lead TSOT-23 packages, precision integrated reference and low power dissipation with flexible 3 or 5 V supply operation, along with nap and sleep modes for optimizing the power within a system.

The LTC2314-14 and LTC2315-12 are available today in commercial, industrial and automotive (-40° to 125°C) temperature grades. Pricing begins at $9.52 each for the LTC2314-14 and $5.17 each for the LTC2315-12 in 1,000 piece quantities. The DC1563A evaluation board for the LTC2314 SAR ADC family is available at or via a local Linear Technology sales office. For more information, visit and

Summary of Features:

LTC2314-14 & LTC2315-12

  • 4.5Msps Throughput Rate
  • Guaranteed 14-Bit No Missing Codes
  • Internal Reference: 2.048V/4.096V Span
  • Low Noise: 77.5dB SNR
  • Low Power: 6.2mA at 4.5Msps & 5V
  • Flexible 3V or 5V Supply Operation
  • ±3.75LSB INL Max (5V), ±0.99LSB DNL Max
  • Sleep Mode with < 1µA Typical Supply Current
  • Nap Mode with Quick Wake-Up
  • < 1 conversion
  • Separate 1.8V to 5V Digital I/O Supply
  • High Speed SPI-Compatible Serial I/O
  • Guaranteed Operation from
  • –40°C to 125°C
  • 8-Lead TSOT-23 Package