2066+cablesEmpower RF Systems is delivering units from its “size matters” 1 kW power amplifier portfolio to Richardson RFPD as an integral part of a Test & Measurement promotion that Richardson RFPD is sponsoring on its website.

The two companies are collaborating on a package of free accessories which will be included with the purchase of an Empower Next Generation 1 kW HPA from stocked units at Richardson RFPD.

Empower’s 1 kW HPAs in a 5U chassis are unique in the industry -  the collaboration between Empower and Richardson RFPD to have these units (and complimentary cables, coupler, and adaptors) readily available for customers is unique as well.

These systems are currently available in the frequency ranges of 20 to 500 MHz, 500 to 1000 MHz, and 20 to 1000 MHz.

What is so special about these 1kW systems:

  • Size and weight of these amplifiers are superior to anything in the market at these frequencies and power level.
  • 1kW P3dB, minimum – full bandwidth under all specified temperatures and environmentals [-10 to +50 C ambient temperature]
  • Internal monitoring and protection, microprocessor control, event logs, non-volatile memory, IP addressable, embedded web server.
  • Configurable, universal power supply [single phase, two phase, three phase]
  • Touch screen interface. Built in test, remote diagnostics.
  • Product line platform - configurable without being custom.

1 kW PA systems in 5U chassis are available for immediate delivery (plus free accessory kit)