Pulse Electronics Corp., a provider of electronic components, announces that it has developed a tunable, co-located long term evolution (LTE) antenna structure. The developed structure contains two LTE multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antennas in the same end of one device to provide 9 frequency bands of functionality in a volume of just 3.20 cubic centimeters. Called mCOMET, this tunable metal ring antenna configuration is for use in smart phones using RF chips with a two pole double throw (2PDT) antenna switch and metal ring feature. 

"With screen and battery sizes increasing while handset architectures remain the same, tunable antennas need to offset the size vs. bandwidth vs. efficiency problem," said Maritta Timosaari, marketing director, Pulse Electronics Mobile Division. "Pulse has done that by putting two tunable LTE antennas together in a space of just 3.20 cc to achieve 9 operating bands for smart phones in the world's smallest antenna space. This provides the user with a better experience in a thinner phone."

Pulse Electronics' new antenna configuration houses the antennas in a metal chassis with a dielectric antenna carrier and antenna volume of 10x74x5mm3, including USB, and with a minimum ground clearance on the printed circuit board of two times 30x8mm for the two antennas together. The primary and secondary antennas are located at the bottom end and on the side of the device, increasing the number of operating bands at the same end of the device. No additional space is needed for antennas, enabling more freedom of design. Frequency bands for both antennas are a low band of 698-960 MHz and high bands of 1710-2170 MHz and 2500-2690 MHz. The low band envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) is below 0.5. This high performing antenna has a minimized hand-effect so if the user's hand is covering one antenna, transmission is switched to the other antenna (2PDT switch). There are equal transmission line lengths from engine to antenna so equal losses from the line. As it's a modular system, there are numerous integration possibilities.

This new extension to Pulse's tunable LTE antenna offering further strengthens Pulse's role as complete antenna solution provider for smarter devices. The Pulse Electronics' LTE tunable antennas are custom configured to the customer's requirements. They are RoHS compliant and come packaged in trays. Engineering samples are available.

Pulse Electronics experts will be available at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, February 25-28, 2013, to discuss these new antennas and other Pulse antenna products. To access the datasheet, click on http://www.pulseelectronics.com/download/3825/mcomet_tunable_co-located_metal_ring_antenna. For more information on Pulse's new 9 -band LTE MIMO and tunable antennas visit the Pulse Electronics website at http://www.pulseelectronics.com/mCOMET

 long term evolution (LTE)