UnequalPowerSplittersMicrowave Electronics Corporation of America (MECA) is proud to announce the launch of a NEW line of unequal power splitters or tappers, developed to unevenly split high power signals for in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS) applications & designs.

The line consists of six models offering a 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 10:1 signal-split ratio respectively, over 698 to 2700 MHz (cellular, PCS, AWS, and BRS/EBS frequencies) and feature low PIM ratings (-155dBc typical), with ultra-low VSWR and minimal coupling variation over the entire frequency band.

They easily handle high power levels of 300 W (CW) and have an operational temperature range of -55° C to +85° C.

As with all MECA products, they are MADE IN THE USA and are offered with a standard 36 month warranty.

Visit e-MECA.com or call (973) 625-0661 for more information.

Reference P/N: U2N-08-1.700V-M01  (6:1 signal split ratio model)