Anritsu Co. introduces the MS2027C and MS2037C, two new members of its VNA Master handheld vector network analyzer series that bring the inherent advantages of VNA Master to 15 GHz frequency applications. Providing best-in-class measurement speed and high accuracy in a compact design measuring as small as 8.3x12.4x3.1 (inches), the new MS2027C and MS2037C are ideal for demanding field use environments, including aerospace and defense, SATCOM, commercial wireless backhaul, and research.

The MS2027C VNA Master, which provides frequency coverage from 5 kHz – 15 GHz, specifically addresses complex cable, waveguide and antenna field test needs with accurate, vector-corrected 2-port magnitude, phase, and Time or Distance Domain measurements. A 2-port, 2-path, fully-reversing VNA, the MS2027C can be used by field engineers and technicians to measure and display all S-parameters with a single connection. Ultra-fast 350 µsec per data point sweep speed makes the MS2027C ideal for filter tuning.  


Incorporating a high-performance spectrum analyzer with ultra-low noise to the VNA capabilities, the MS2037C adds integrated spectrum analysis for on-site verification or trouble-shooting. VNA Master offers the most powerful handheld spectrum analysis capability in its class, with unmatched performance in sensitivity, dynamic range, phase noise, frequency accuracy, and sweep speed. A built-in pre-selector eliminates spurious in displays.

Both the MS2027C and MS2037C incorporate the field-proven VNA Master handheld platform. Their small size, light weight (10.5 lbs.) and battery operation make the analyzers superior to bulky benchtop or portable VNAs in field environments. Each model is designed with a high-resolution, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as an 8.4-inch daylight-viewable display that offers hands-free operation while viewing measurement results.

The MS2027C has a U.S. price of $22,550 and the MS2037C U.S. price is $30,950. Delivery is 6 to 8 week.