Oscilent has completed the expansion of it’s state-of-the art production facility for RF Filter and standard SAW Filter manufacturing. The expansion increases production capacity by over 26 percent overall solidifying Oscilent’s position as the fourth largest SAW Filter production manufacturer in the world.

The investment extended into all aspects of production, including RF Filter and other SAW filter engineering capacity. The increase in capacity, and hiring of additional development engineers, will further strengthen Oscilent’s ability for quick turnaround samples of standard and custom RF filter and IF filter products. The additional research and development capacity will lower development costs for custom products, and allow faster turnaround on technical support inquiries from our customer base.

Oscilent is a world-class manufacturer of frequency control products, including an innovative and technologically advanced offering of mobile communication devices, including duplexer, RF filter, and IF SAW filter products. This expertise extends into multimedia (DAB/DMB, CATV, DTV), radio communication (WLAN, WLL, ISM Band, GPS) and satellite and ammunition communication.