Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions, a business of Emerson and a global leader in protecting and optimizing critical infrastructure, announces a new family of SMA self fixture end launch connectors that can help improve manufacturing costs and speed-up testing cycles.

The proprietary design feature of the SMA self fixture end launch connectors accurately aligns and holds the center contact of a coaxial connector to the circuit board plane until the soldering operation is complete, all without the need for special fixtures. No mounting screws-No adapters-No aftermarket tools.

The self fixture connectors will overcome the gaps and RF path discontinuities associated with inconsistent soldering processes. They are manufactured to produce optimal return loss values for frequencies between 0-26.5 GHz. “This family of connectors represents the latest in a long line of Johnson  products that commercialize new design technology for the benefit of every customer, states Matt Burns, product manager-Johnson.”

The Johnson lines of SMA self fixture end launch connectors are now available through Emerson Connectivity Solutions distribution channels.