The Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON) that will be held at the Beijing International Conference Center on 12 to 14 March 2013 is a Chinese event with an international focus. Its aim is to bring together designers at the forefront of Chinese innovation with the world's leading technology companies keen to share and promote their expertise, impart knowledge and forge relationships.

The European RF and microwave industry has been enthusiastic in its support of and participation at EDI CON 2013 at every opportunity, from the conference sessions, workshop presentations and the showcasing of the latest innovations on the show floor. Indeed, the opening Plenary Session includes an international viewpoint as Keynote Speaker Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg will present: Microwaves in Space – a European Perspective. As Head of the Electromagnetics and Space Environment Division of the EuropeanSpace Agency and having served as the European Microwave Week 2012 General Chair he is ideally placed to consider the role Europe has played in developing space infrastructure and offer examples of how advanced microwave technology is used in Earth observation, telecommunications and  navigation. He will also touch on the possibility of collaboration between Europe and China on meteorological satellites.

EDI CON Gold Sponsor Rohde & Schwarz is sharing its expertise across a broad spectrum in five technical session presentations and two workshops. Topics under discussion include measurement/modeling and system-level topics such as GNSS, EMC/EMI, selection and design of broadband power amplifiers, measurement technology for noise figure, equivalent source reflection, single connection amplifier characterization, and vector network analysis for frequency conversion devices.

Similarly, fellow Gold Sponsor Computer Simulation Technology (CST) will offer a technical paper considering the Coupling caused by common mode current in high speed SerDes interconnect design. The company will also hold a workshop looking at Integrated antenna design for a GSM tracking device and participate in an EDA Design Panel session.

OMMIC/ERA are the co-sponsors of the Compound Semiconductor Workshop where the company’s Marc Rocchi will consider W-band chipsets for microwave imaging, while SATIMO, a Microwave Vision Group company will offer an insight into Antenna modelling and also participate in the MIMO Over-the-Air workshop. Also, Russian company Advantex will offer an insight into PLL frequency synthesizers based on the DDS in feedback loop.

Europe’s academia is also represented with examples of papers being: Analysis of UHF, RFID SD tag antennas by Abdul Karim, Technische Universität Darmstadt, alongside: A square-law microwave transistor detector with extended dynamic range by Sergey Ivanov, AP Lavrov, Y  Matveev from St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

In the current climate, more than ever before, research and innovation needs to find practical commercial applications and the EDI CON Exhibition is a platform for companies from across the globe to showcase and demonstrate their latest products. European vendors of note include Rohde & Schwarz (Booth 201), which is a leading supplier of solutions in the fields of test and measurement, broadcasting, radiomonitoring and radiolocation, as well as secure communications.

CST (Booth 251) develops and markets software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields. Its products facilitate the characterization, design and optimization of electromagnetic devices in advance of the lab or measurement chamber. The CST STUDIO SUITE® is of particular interest to RF and microwave designers and the company’s customers operate in industries as diverse as defense, telecommunications, automotive, electronics and medical equipment.

Also, LPKF (Booth 209) supplies the electronics industry, focusing mainly on PCB prototyping and micromachining solutions for SMT stencils, as well as offering laser plastic welding systems and precision drives, as well as laser structuring systems.

The Microwave Vision Group (Booth 250), which comprises SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI and REMC delivers a wide range of innovative measurement solutions for antenna, RCS and radome testing and wireless device certification. The company's products include full turn-key systems, MV-Scan™ multi-probe arrays, anechoic chambers, antennas and probes, measurement software, positioning equipment and RF absorbers.

OMMIC/ERA (Booths 260 and 261) – OMMIC is a leading supplier of epitaxy, foundry services and MMICs based around the most advanced III-V (GaAs, GaN and InP) processes, that aims to provide its customers with cutting edge performance for telecommunication, space and defense applications. ERA is the unique authorized distributor of OMMIC in the Greater China region.

EDI CON 2013 is a global event and Europe is playing its part.