Welcome from the President of the European Microwave Association

I am privileged to welcome you to the 9th European Microwave Week (EuMW), an initiative of the European Microwave Association (Eu MA), founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation based in Belgium with the aim to promoting European microwaves, networking and uniting microwave scientists and engineers in Europe, providing a single voice for European microwave scientists and engineers in Europe, promoting public awareness and appreciation of microwaves, attaining full recognition of microwaves by the European Union, … and circulating information among European microwave scientists and engineers.

Since its foundation, the Eu MA has been very active and under constant innovation in order to improve and expand its services to the microwave community. In 2004 the Association was opened to general membership. Microwave scientists and engineers from all over the world now have the opportunity to join the Eu MA as Members or Student Members. This allows them to be directly involved in the life of the Association and will ultimately lead to a full representation of the scientific community within the Eu MA and make it acquire a higher visibility both in Europe and the world. In 2005 we have started the publication of the Proceedings of the Eu MA, an archival, peer-reviewed publication appearing 4 times per year. Members of the Association are entitled to discounted fees for subscribing the Eu MA Proceedings and for attending Eu MA conferences and workshops. To join the Eu MA or to renew your membership just access the web page http://eumwa.org/en/membership/index.html.

The EuMW was initially implemented in Amsterdam in 1998, with the aim to expand the European Microwave Conference (EuMC), the most prestigious microwave event in Europe, established in 1969. With its four conferences, related workshops and short courses, complemented by a large technical exhibition, the EuMW is now recognized as the most important microwave event in Europe from both the scientific and commercial points of view.

This is the second EuMW held in UK and the first in Manchester, within the second 5-year cycle through Europe, continuing on to Munich 2007, Amsterdam 2008, Rome 2009, Paris 2010, etc.. This year the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) is bein organized for the first time, maintaining the tradition of the former GAAS Conference within the administration of the European Microwave Week. Horizon House is arranging the EuMW, together with the Eu MA for the fourth year now and we are proud to offer the scientific community such a high level conference week at increasingly lower costs.

I would like to conclude, by extending my sincere thanks to Chris Snowden, 9th EuMW General Chairman, Thomas J. Brazil, Chairman 36th EuMC, Steve Marsh, Chairman EuMIC 2006, Richard Ranson Chairman ECWT 2006, and Patrick D. Beasley, Chairman EuRAD 2006, for setting up four outstanding technical and scientific programs for this memorable event in Manchester.