Ohmega Technologies has introduced OhmegaPly® MTR™ Technology, which allows thin film resistors to be built within a printed circuit trace that is less than 100 microns (0.004”) wide. Using standard subtractive printed circuit board processes, it is ideal for high density interconnect (HDI) designs where passive component placement is difficult or impossible.

By utilizing differential processes unique to the OhmegaPly nickel phosphorous (NiP) resistive material, copper traces can be imaged and etched to define resistor widths that are precise and sharply defined, resulting in the creation of miniature resistors with consistent ohmic values. With low inductance and good tolerances, OhmegaPly MTR resistors are ideal for line termination and pull-up/down applications.

The “Patent Pending” OhmegaPly MTR technology delivers:

  • The next Generation OhmegaPly® resistive material
  • Improved chemical and physical stability
  • Precision resistors to less than 50 micron widths
  • 5 micron and 17 micron copper foil availability
  • Standard OhmegaPly ohmic values and % tolerances
  • Conventional print and etch processing (LDI recommended)
  • Resistor placement on plated surface or buried via layers
  • Ideal for standard BGA and uBGA applications

Ohmega Technologies Inc. will be exhibiting at the upcoming DesignCon2013 in Santa Clara, CA January 29-30, 2013 and the upcoming IPC/APEX 2013 in San Diego, CA February 19-21, 2013 where the OhmegaPly MTR product will be showcased.