DiminuSys, Irvine, CA

diminuSys has expanded its line of wideband USB controlled tuners with the DWT-P940 for continuous 0.9 to 40 GHz coverage. The DWT-P940 offers wide instantaneous bandwidth and dynamic range, along with portability, affordability and ease of operation. With seamless high-speed tuning over the 0.9 to 40 GHz band, the DWT-P940 offers simultaneous non-inverting IF outputs at 900, 120 and 21.4 MHz with instantaneous bandwidth of 200 MHz (the 500 MHz option drives a 750 to 1250 MHz IF output).

The DWT-P940 employs sub-octave preselection with the ability to bypass all input filtering. Overall gain is adjustable from –40 to +20 dB and tracks between the three IF outputs. Broadband noise methods are employed for preservation of level measurement accuracy. Control of the tuner is via USB 2.0 or 3.0 with included applications for Windows and Linux. A simple native command set allows execution and proprietary application development for desktop and smartphone platforms.

The DWT-P940 is an ideal pre-tuning solution for those in need of extended frequency coverage for vintage EMI, TEMPEST or surveillance receivers with upper limits of 1 or 2 GHz. As the perfect alternative to budgeting for an unfamiliar path to  40 GHz, the DWT-P940 performs microwave tuning and preselection for established systems with only minimal impacts on level measurement accuracy, sensitivity and intermodulation.  Available options include 500 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, low phase noise, enhanced tuning speed and increased internal reference stability.

The DWT-P940 employs a field replaceable 2.92mm input connector, and BNC or SMA outputs for the three IFs, reference in and reference out. The unit operates on 12 VDC and includes a 120/240 VAC universal power supply.

diminuSys, Irvine, CA
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