Pulse Electronics Corp., a leading provider of electronic components, introduces a new line of Shadow low profile transit (SLPT) NMO and direct mount antennas to support public safety, WLAN, smart grid/smart metering, 3G, and 4G applications including long term evolution (LTE). These high-performance, rugged, IP-67 rated antennas are provided in a slim, low profile radome of only 2.5" to 3" (63.5 to 76.2 mm) tall with a 1.5" (38.1 mm) diameter base and high gains of 4 to 5.6 dBi.

"Pulse Electronics' new SLPT antenna family offers customers wider bandwidth solutions to cover more applications, including LTE, in a very compact aerodynamic package," commented Steve Bruegger, sales manager, Pulse Electronics Wireless Device Antenna Division. "These IP-67-rated SLPT antennas are both a mobile antenna for vehicular use and an M2M antenna for kiosk and other network devices."

The SLPT family offers a range of frequencies in both a standard NMO mount option for ease of installation and as a direct mount, tamper-proof version for 3G/4G, public safety, and WLAN applications. This range is wider than currently available in the marketplace and extends the multiple frequency options to include LTE.

The Shadow LPT antenna series includes the following antenna part numbers and frequencies:
SLPT698/960NMO - 698-960 MHz - Gain 4.5 dBi
SLPT2400NMOHF - 2400-2500 MHz - Gain 4.3 dBi
SLPT4900NMOHF - 4900-5900 MHz - Gain 5.5 dBi
SLPT698/2170NMOHF - 698-960/1710-2170/2400-2700 MHz - Gain 4.5/5.6/4 dBi
SLPT2400/5900NMOHF - 2400-2485/4900-5900 MHz - Gain 4.3/5.5 dBi
SLPT698/869DMN - 698-869 MHz - Gain 4.5 dBi
SLPT806DMN - 806-960 MHz - Gain 4.5 dBi
SLPT2400DMN - 2400-2500 MHz - Gain 4.3 dBi
SLPT4900DMN - 4900-5900 MHz - Gain 5.5 dBi
SLPT698/2170DMN - 698-960/1710-2170/2400-2700 MHz - Gain 4.5/5.6/4 dBi
SLPT2400/5900DMN - 2400-2500/4900-5900 MHz - Gain 4.3/5.5 dBi

Data sheets for the SLPT antennas can be found at http://productfinder.pulseeng.com/productSearch/slpt

More information can be found on the on the Pulse Electronics website at http://www.pulseelectronics.com/ShadowLPT-p1