In November 2012 Oslo Gardermoen Airport implemented the first fully operational Terma SCANTER 5502 Solid State Surface Movement Radar (SMR), which is integrated into HITT’s A3000 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) as the primary non-corporative surveillance sensor.

The purpose of the Surface Movement Radar is to maximize safety in an airport by allowing controllers to monitor, to advise, and to instruct aircraft, vehicles, personnel etc. moving around on the ground in an airport. A radar is very suitable for this purpose as it covers a large area and operates independently of light conditions (day/night), visibility conditions e.g. fog, and possible precipitation e.g. rain and snow.

The SCANTER 5502 is the third SMR sensor at Oslo Airport supplied by Terma. The airport was the first in the world to implement an A-SMGCS and now the first to implement the new generation of Solid State SCANTER radar sensors.

Gardermoen Airport served 21 million passengers and 224,000 aircraft departures/arrivals in 2011, meaning that traffic density has increased by 50% compared to the first year of operation (1999). Due to heavy traffic, the airport must increase its capacity to be able to handle the expected 28 million passengers a year, expanding the airport facilities for 12 billion NOK by 2017.