CML Microcircuits ( released new function images for their successful CMX7131/7141 family of digital PMR processors.

The new function images add to the already flexible device allowing it to be used in the design of small, low-cost, low-power digital and analogue PMR radios. Thanks to CML’s innovative chipset designing a small, low-cost, low-power analogue or digital PMR (dPMR) radio has now never been easier.

When the new function image for the CMX7131/7141, is combined with a suitable host and a direct conversion (I/Q) receiver, such as CML’s popular CMX994, a low-cost digital PMR radio can be realised. Through the embedded functionality of the CMX7131/7141 managing the CMX994 downconverter autonomously, host microcontroller interactions are minimised enabling the lowest operating power and therefore longest battery life for a digital PMR radio.

The chipset presents a comprehensive dPMR solution, providing RF direct conversion with minimal external components and set-up, plus baseband and AIR interface physical and data link layers complying to dPMR Mode 1, 2 & 3 TS 102 658. This market-leading solution also provides full backward compatibility to legacy analogue PMR.

  • CMX994 – Direct conversion receiver integrated circuit (IC) featuring I/Q demodulators. Its design provides the optimum route for on-board integration, allowing a small RF receiver to be realised with a minimum of external components.
  • CMX7131/7141 - Half-duplex processor IC platforms built on FirmASIC technology suitable for use in digital radio and dual-mode (analogue/digital) systems, including dPMR, dPMR Mode 1/2/3, PMR446, DCR, NXDN and ARIB radio designs. Alternatively, these ICs, with the correct function image, can be configured to operate as an analogue two-way radio processor.
    • 7131/7141FI-7.x -  Implements a half-duplex 4FSK modem and the dPMR Air Interface, Physical and Data Link layers conforming to ETSI's dPMR standard TS 102 658 and allows autonomous control of the CMX994 Direct Conversion (I/Q) Receiver.
    • 7131/7141FI-8.x – Implements half-duplex Analogue PMR signal processing, including voice processing, 1200bps FFSK modem, CTCSS/DCS and Selcall signalling and allows autonomous control of the CMX994 Direct Conversion (I/Q) Receiver.

Dual mode analogue/digital PMR operation can be achieved by re-loading the device with Function Image 7131/7141FI-7.1.x or 7131/7141FI-8.x. The devices have flexible power-saving modes, can be supplied in either LQFP or VQFN packages and are available now.