Ethertronics, a leading technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF system solutions to deliver the best connected experience, announced that the company achieved a more than 50 percent increase in revenue from 2011 to 2012, reinforcing its continued growth in the global market. The company’s solutions are now integrated in more than 1,000 product designs. In addition to its continued momentum in providing products to OEMs worldwide, Ethertronics achieved major milestones in 2012 related to the diversification of its business.

Ethertronics’ Antenna Business Remains Solid

The company’s antenna business continued to garner wins for a variety of product designs – ranging from smartphones and notebooks to M2M products. In addition to Ethertronics remaining as a key antenna partner for all of the Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones, the company continued its traction in the antenna space by entering the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) market. Ethertronics debuted its EtherDAS Indoor™ solution, which enables mobile operators and neutral-host site companies to exceed customer expectations via the world’s first DAS solution to achieve Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performance of -153dBc; providing noticeably superior performance on both the uplink and downlink, and minimizing interference capable of undermining data, video and voice performance, as well as network capacity.

Ethertronics’ Active Antenna Systems Business Continues to Expand

Ethertronics continued a significant expansion of its active antenna systems division with the introduction of game-changing technologies and products. Designed to bring more “smarts” to the antenna and RF system, active antenna systems can seamlessly adjust the characteristics of a cellular antenna to its dynamic requirements. What this means for OEMs is the ability to deliver feature-packed, thin designs with high-performance capabilities to consumers.

As part of its active antenna systems expansion, Ethertronics introduced its Air InteRFace Processing System™ technology, which allows a single antenna structure to generate multiple radiation patterns. A proprietary algorithm samples and switches between the multiple radiation patterns to determine the best pattern to use for the given RF environment, in that exact place, at that exact time. The algorithm continuously makes new selections as the device moves into new environments resulting in significantly faster data throughput speeds and improved reliability for 3G and 4G (LTE and LTE-Advanced) cellular, as well as Wi-Fi devices.

The company also introduced EtherModule 1.0™, the latest innovation from the collaboration of Ethertronics’ antenna, systems and chip divisions into a turnkey plug-and-play module to provide maximum performance and reliability for M2M and other wireless devices. EtherModule 1.0 combines Ethertronics’ advanced antenna architecture and EtherChip 1.0™ tunable capacitor on a printed circuit board for easy integration by wireless product designers. An industry first, EtherModule 1.0 has a typical dynamic range of 20dB to deliver maximum performance across a wide range of frequencies and use cases. As a true, turnkey plug-and-play antenna system that can be integrated into M2M devices, EtherModule 1.0 minimizes engineering design time to get products to market faster.

Ethertronics Enters the RF Chip Market to Advance Antenna Systems

The year 2012 also marked the formation of Ethertronics’ new RF Chip division and the introduction of its flagship EtherChip 1.0™ tunable capacitor.

Ethertronics developed EtherChip 1.0 to give device OEMs powerful new options for turning the challenge of decreasing space into an opportunity. EtherChip 1.0 leverages Ethertronics’ Air InteRFace Digital Conditioning™ (AIRFDC™) technology to provide tuning capacitance for the antenna system. The RF silicon chip can seamlessly adjust the characteristics of a cellular antenna for its dynamic requirements including retuning for frequency shift, hand or head effects, or more bandwidth.

“The past 12 months have been a significant chapter in our business. The continued growth of our antenna business, coupled with the advancements we made in our active antenna systems division and the formation of our chip division, position us for even more growth in 2013,” said Laurent Desclos, president and CEO of Ethertronics. “All of the products and technologies that we brought to market this year leverage our deep understanding and expertise in antenna and RF system design, enabling us to further help our customers deliver feature-packed, sleek designs with high-performance capabilities to consumers. Additionally, the diversification of our business allows us to serve as a one-stop shop for our customers. We are pleased to be in this optimal position and are ready to further grow our business in 2013 with even more innovations to our product portfolio.”