Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced that it has introduced a new addition to the CompactLine®  series of microwave antennas with the release of the 6 GHz Category A SB6-W60B. Featuring a wind-tunnel tested design suited for both tight urban locations and rugged outposts, the SB6-W60B offers a superior radiation pattern for consistent performance with less interference.  

The SB6-W60B microwave antenna addresses a significant gap in the marketplace for a light-weight, durable Category A microwave antenna that can withstand greater operational wind speeds within a more compact design, while offering more reliable frequency coordination and higher frequency re-use. The SB6-W60B antenna is suitable for a wide range of end-users, including telecom operators, government agencies, and enterprise customers, and its modular design enables additional capacity requirements to be met without the cost of replacing the antenna.

Extensive research and development by RFS played a significant role in the SB6-W60B’s deployment, including wind-tunnel testing to ensure it could withstand and remain operational under the extreme conditions of coastline and mountaintop environments. The antenna is available in both a basic and high-speed configuration, with the former capable of operation in 200 km/h (125 mph) wind speeds, and the latter able to function in speeds up to 250 km/h (155 mph). Much of this all-conditions capability is due to the antenna’s robust mounting system, a low-profile yet durable design with simplified mounting requirements that work in concert to reduce transportation requirements, wind load and antenna weight, while also reducing installation time.     

For many of today’s tower operators, compact design is becoming increasingly important. As all antennas exert considerable forces on the tower, and consequently higher maintenance costs, operators are seeking a solution that reduces the antenna’s impact while still achieving the necessary benchmarks for reliability and strength. The SB6-W60B addresses all of these concerns with a four percent reduction in its overall size compared to similar microwave antennas on the market without sacrificing a fortified base and all-weather performance capabilities.

The SB6-W60B covers the full 6 GHz frequency band of 5.925 to 7.125 GHz and is available in single and dual-polarized models with the option to upgrade from single to dual polarization and change frequencies in the field. In addition, the SB6-W60B is available for direct mount applications with radios from leading microwave radio manufacturers to integrate seamlesslywith the antenna and streamline deployment.   

 “The launch of the SB6-W60B line of microwave antennas offers telecom operators and tower owners an innovative solution for challenging tower sites and achieving new levels of performance thanks to its innovative mechanical design and superior radiation pattern,” said Asad Zoberi, Area Product Manager of Microwave Antenna Systems at RFS. “It will allow telecom operators to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX while protecting the core assets of tower owners. Additionally, as one of the sturdiest 6 GHz Category A microwave antennas available in the Compact segment, the SB6-W60B excels in harsh climates with extreme wind speeds while maintaining a compact size designed to reduce costs and streamline installation.”