The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Board has welcomed the launch of the second LTE Patent Pool managed by SISVEL and combining the patent portfolios of another seven companies. The NGMN Board has consistently stated that patents are an important part of standardised technologies like GSM, UMTS and LTE.

The second LTE patent pool launched by SISVEL underlines the importance of patent pools in the mobile industry and stresses the willingness of companies to participate actively in them. With Orange - France Telecom and KPN, two more members of the NGMN Alliance have now joined patent pool activities. Both members have actively contributed to the NGMN IPR activities in the past.

“The NGMN Board is convinced that the establishment of well-balanced LTE patent pools will be able to embrace the complexity of LTE technology and LTE patents and, in addition to bilateral licensing, will therefore constitute an opportunity for many companies to offer their essential patents in a simple and clear manner, and will support the fast uptake of LTE,” said Jae-Won Byun, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Technology, SK Telekom, and newly elected Chairman of the NGMN Board.

He continued: “All operators and manufacturers combining their efforts in the establishment of the LTE Patent Pools have taken a very significant and material step towards providing a transparent and predictable licensing regime to support the growth and overall success of LTE.”