RF7303_SPThe parts in RFMD’s new RF73xx series of high-power, high-efficiency linear power amplifiers are designed for use as the final amplification stage in 3 V, 50 Ω LTE mobile cellular equipment developed for E-UTRAN/LTE band operation. These parts are developed for 5 to 20 MHz LTE channel bandwidths.

 Each has two digital control pins to select one of three power bias states to optimize performance and current drain at lower power levels. Each also has an integrated directional coupler which eliminates the need for an external discrete coupler at the output, and is assembled in a 10-pin, 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.8 mm module.


  • Frequency bands:
    • RF7303 (Multi-Mode): LTE/UMTS 3, 4, 9, and 10; CDMA 15
    • RF7317A: LTE 17
    • RF7320: LTE 20
    • RF7321: LTE 11 and 21
  • Ultra-high LTE efficiency
  • Optimized use with DC-DC converter operation
  • Three power states with digital control interface
  • Integrated power coupler
  • Integrated blocking and decoupling capacitors


  • LTE wireless handsets and datacards

These products are currently available in production quantities.

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