For generating synthesized millimeter wave signals, OML announces source module compatibility with the best-in-class Anritsu MG3690C series of RF/Microwave signal generators. This solution offers engineers an innovative tool for design characterization, performance verification and system emulation where output power, spectral purity, pulse widths and switching speed are desirable attributes. The target applications for these tools are in emerging wireless communication, aerospace & defense and general purpose markets.

The source module technology multiplies the microwave signal generator characteristics to the millimeter wave spectrum from 50 GHz to 0.5 THz. In the multiplication process, the source module degrades the input phase noise characteristics by a factor of 20 log (N), where N is the overall multiplier of the module. In the WR-12 band from 60 to 90 GHz (where N is equal to six), the typical output phase noise at 100 kHz offset is -99 dBc/Hz. The output waveguide flange is compatible with MIL-DTL-3922/67D. With optional attenuation, this setup can also vary power levels to measure alignment, gain compression and sensitivity.