OML introduces a solution for millimeter wave down converter measurements that consists of harmonic mixer, external diplexer, microwave signal analyzer and microwave signal generator. In this solution, the harmonic mixer overcomes the inherent microwave limitation while preserving greater than 1 GHz of bandwidth. The key component in this setup is the diplexer, which serves two purposes in the down converter: first is to sufficiently separate signals in the frequency plan and second is to adequately preserve the broadband modulation characteristics. Using this approach, engineers can now analyze extreme bandwidth scenarios in emerging applications (e.g., WiGig, 57-64 GHz).

The novelty of this solution over available external mixer solutions is in the use of the microwave signal generator in the setup. The broadband diplexer supports signals up to 18 GHz, which can effectively reduce the harmonic multipliers in the down conversion process and thereby improve the overall conversion loss characteristics, including pass band flatness.
This generic solution also more broadly represents a low-cost alternative to conducting millimeter spectrum analysis using any available microwave spectrum analyzer as long as there is a microwave signal generator available.

Available in waveguide bands from 50 GHz to 325 GHz, the MxxHWD series harmonic mixers support a variety of measurement scenarios to characterize transmitters, including modulation quality. The DPL-518 is a broadband diplexer that satisfies broadband modulation requirements.

A new application note is available detailing the setup, frequency characteristics, and typical results for emerging applications in the 57-64 GHz spectrum. Please contact OML to request a copy of the newly released external mixer application note (reference 42-120531).

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