High Performance Contact System

Paricon Technologies provides a state-of-the-art family of high performance contact materials specially designed for the advanced needs of the electronics industry. At the core of these products are specially designed anisotropically conductive materials that are referred to as PariPoser Interconnects. PariPoser Interconnects make electrical connections uniformly between opposing contact areas using conductive columns that are regularly distributed within a sheet of advanced polymer.

This advanced contactor structure has been demonstrated as being a cost effective means of providing very low loss interconnection at frequencies from DC to well above 60 GHz. The material has excellent thru-conductance and high in-plane isolation resistance. The integration of the PariPoser contact into applications and fixturing that addresses the customer’s needs has resulted in the development of a wide range of interconnection products for use in both  production and test applications. These include virtually every level of interconnection, including test and burn-in sockets, production level sockets, cable-to-board connectors and mezzanine connectors. It is well suited for non-destructive test and measurement of devices and modules.

The capability of PariPoser Interconnects to withstand long life cycle applications in real factory test environments to one million cycles has been repeatedly demonstrated using hard gold plating system on all contacts. In addition, the product was subjected to the 40 year life cycle demands of the telecommunications industry at Bell Labs. The self sealing behavior of the PariPoser contact makes it an ideal choice for use in HAST testing.

Paricon Technologies Corp.,
Taunton, MA