RFCM2680_SPThe RFCM2680 is the industry's first surface mount GaN power doubler module aimed at CATV networks. Employing a combination of GaN HEMT and GaAs pHEMT technologies, the device provides high output capability from 45 to 1003 MHz with excellent distortion performance.


  • 45MHz to 1003MHz GaAs/GaN Power Doubler Module
  • 61dBmV Rated Power
  • High Current Mode: 450mA at 24VDC
  • Low Current Mode: 350mA at 24VDC
  • Min. Gain: 22.5dB at 1GHz
  • Saves about 50% PCBA area versus SOT115J (with external baluns) 182mm² versus 362mm²


  • CATV Optical Nodes
  • CATV Line Amplifiers

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