Advantech Wireless, a Canadian-based manufacturer of broadcast-quality Satellite, RF Equipment and Microwave Systems announces the release of a new series of indoor, GaN technology based solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and BUCs featuring high power, high linearity and a compact size. Named the Super Compact SG Series, the high power amplifiers can easily replace old technology and inefficient TWTAs, offering enormous cost saving and reduce operating costs. The units practically pay for themselves in a short time. Smaller, lighter and more efficient amplifiers that truly support the green initiative. In addition, these new amplifiers are perfect for SNG applications.

The new Super Compact SG Series C-Band SSPA/BUCs provide highest power density in the industry. Combined with the traditional Advantech Wireless features, these new series of BUCs provide the ultimate in performance and convenience. They feature: Full range of output power of 200, 250, 400 or 500 W in a compact single package; High linearity; Redundant ready with no external controller; Full M&C capability via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet port; Built-in Forward and Reflected precision power metering; Output RF calibrated Sample Port; Redundant Systems shipped fully tested; Infinite VSWR protection with automatic high reflected power shutdown; Detachable power supply module; 19” Rackmount, 24” deep; CE marking.

Cristi Damian, VP Product Line Management and Business Development at Advantech Wireless states: “These new high power amplifiers deliver more power per square inch than anything else in the market. Advantech Wireless is a pioneer of GaN-based High Power Amplifiers. Within the same footprint, GaN allows us to double the RF power and reduce energy consumption by up to 70%”.

“For example – you can replace your old 750 Watt TWTA with a 400 Watt GaN; a 400 TWTA can easily be replaced with a 200W GaN. Better performance. Solid State reliability. Better warranty!” states Cristi Damian.

Advantech Wireless is offering a special promotion until the end of this month. Advantech Wireless is making it easier to get into the new technology wagon by offering a special replacement promotion that credits up to $1,000 for your old TWTA towards the purchase of a replacement SSPA or BUC from us by September 30, 2012. Visit for more details.