Visitors to Stand 328 at the forthcoming EuMW exhibition will see a significant expansion in the range of passive microwave components available under the LYNX brand, which was launched four years ago through the collaboration of three leading microwave representative organisations – Elexo of France, Globes Elektronik of Germany and Link Microtek of the UK.

Offering a variety of high-quality yet low-cost products, the LYNX range now includes waveguide bends and twists, flexible waveguide, adapters, waveguide windows and gaskets, all of which are aimed at installers and operators of point-to-point microwave radios for the mobile phone infrastructure. These new products complement the existing line-up of couplers, dividers, attenuators and terminations.

LYNX products are manufactured to the highest standards and are available throughout Europe from any of the LYNX partner companies. As stock is shared between the three companies, customers benefit from competitive pricing and fast delivery, backed by a wealth of technical expertise and capability in design, manufacture and support services.

All products are tested locally before being placed into stock, and there are no minimum order quantities.

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