DZ1650Mini-Circuits MAC mixers employ a unique new design and a highly repeatable, tightly controlled, automated process that delivers industry-leading reliability at a remarkably affordable price. Schottky diode quads meeting our strict specifications are bonded to a multilayer integrated LTCC substrate, and then hermetically sealed under a controlled atmosphere with gold-plated covers and eutectic AuSn solder.

  • Low, Flat Conversion Loss… No need to compensate for variations over frequency.
  • Hermetically Sealed…Ideal for use anywhere long-term reliability adds bottom-line value: high moisture areas, busy production lines, high-speed distribution centers, heavy industry, outdoor settings, and unmanned facilities, as well as military applications.
  • Rugged LTCC/Hermetic Construction…Demonstrated reliability in harsh, physically abusive environments with high vibration, acceleration, and/or mechanical shock.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range…Guaranteed performance from -55 to +125°C. MAC mixers have also passed thermal shock testing from -55 to +150°C, through 1000 cycles, 15 minutes per cycle.
  • Exposed Termination Ends…Our unique case design allows for easy visual inspection of side solder fillets per IPCA-610 section, and features gold-plated terminations for excellent solderability.
  • Incredible Performance/Price…Game-changing affordability brings Hi-Rel hermetic mixers within the reach of commercial budgets.

These passive, double-balanced mixers have been tested to MIL requirements for gross leak, fine leak, thermal shock, vibration, acceleration, mechanical shock, and HTOL, and every MAC mixer is backed with our 3-year guarantee.