Spectracom, a business of the Orolia Group, announced it has been awarded a contract to supply the U.S. Air Force Metrology Calibration Program (AFMETCAL) with precision timing and frequency test equipment over the next 5 years. Spectracom Frequency Calibrator/Analyzers will be used across several AFMETCAL projects to test and calibrate any device or system that relies on a precisely timed signal. Typical applications include radar, radio and communications, guidance systems, and avionics.

The new Frequency Calibrator/Analyzers will replace previous generation units as well as be used in variety of new deployments. They will be installed in metrology laboratories, portable calibration systems, and flight-line testing equipment. In addition to analyzing and calibrating signal frequencies, the built-in atomic clock will be used as an ultra-stable frequency and timing reference standard.

Al Olderstein, Spectracom’s Vice President of Sales, commented, “The US Air Force is one of the largest users of test equipment in the world. We understand their need to constantly improve and upgrade testing infrastructures to enable the increasing complexity of technology. Our proven capabilities, features and service support their mission by providing the best value in the marketplace.” Olderstein continued, “This new contract reinforces Spectracom’s position as a leading supplier of precision time and frequency products to the US military.”