Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduced a new series of three-phase cylindrical capacitors for power electronics featuring high current capabilities, nine standard voltage ratings from 400 VAC to 1650 VAC, and a wide range of capacitance values and packaging options. 

The EMKP capacitors released are available in four heights from 160 mm to 265 mm and five diameters from 64 mm to 136 mm. The devices offer high current ratings up to 3 x 56 A and 3 x 104 A (depending on the bushing type), impulse currents up to 21.3 kA, very low self-inductance < 100 nH, low series resistance down to 0.6 mΩ, and capacitance values from 4.0 µF to 600 µF with a capacitance tolerance of ± 5%.

Optimized for power factor correction, AC filtering, and harmonic filtering applications in three-phase mains, traction and industrial drives and converters, wind turbines, and solar inverters, the EMKP three-phase capacitors are metalized polypropylene film devices with self-healing technology.

EMKP 3-phase devices offer a high reliability rating of 120 FIT and a long lifetime expectancy of 100,000 hours at + 70 °C at rated voltage. The capacitors are specified for an operating temperature of – 40 °C to + 85 °C and meet IEC 61071-1, IEC 61881, and IEC 60831 standards. Terminal-to-terminal test voltage is 1.5 times the rated AC voltage for 10 seconds.

Samples and production quantities of the new EMKP three-phase series capacitors are available now, with lead times of eight to 10 weeks. Pricing varies by voltage rating and quantity ordered. For example, a 650 V device with capacitance of 300 μF in a 116 mm by 190 mm case is priced at €50.50 per piece in 1,000-piece quantities. Follow Vishay capacitors for power electronics at