An interesting and significant exhibitor at IMS 2012 in Montreal was the 41stInstitute of CETC– the only professional Electronic Measurement Instrument Institute in China, which researches and manufactures electronic measurement instruments and automatic testing systems in the microwave, millimetre-wave, optical and communications sectors. The company also provides measurement technology for the research and manufacture of electronic devices and systems.

Speaking about the experience of participating at the IMS for the first time, the President of the 41stInstitute of CETC, Ligong Li, stated, “I am impressed by the advanced technology being developed and demonstrated by leading international companies and CETC is honoured to be part of this important event. We are happy to exhibit alongside such leading companies and show the products and technology that we are developing for the world market.”

The main focus of the booth was the company’s comprehensive range of test and measurement equipment, including spectrum analysers, network analysers, signal generators, reflectometers, power meters etc. However, there were also sections highlighting CETC’s wide range of active and passive components operating at up to 325 GHz.

Commenting on the reaction to CETC’s presence from attendees President Li said, “Our booth is the not in the best place but I think CETC has made a big impression. We have had visitors from the USA, Europe and parts of Asia and I believe it is our technology and products, which are at the same level as those from well-known international companies, that has attracted them.”

The level of interest is not surprising as the 41stInstitute of CETC’s operation and output is considerable. The Institute is headquartered in an 83,900 square metre high-tech development zone of Bengbu city, as well as a 110,000 square metre facility in Qingdao Economy and Technology Development Zone.

The Institute has over 920 employees who work in seven research divisions, including microwave/millimetre wave measuring, digital/photoelectric/radio communications, electronic application and microwave parts department. It boasts a professional team, advanced design/measuring/testing/manufacturing equipment and a mature quality control system (ISO9001, registered in March, 1998).

IMS 2012 gave the 41stInstitute of CETC the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise and products to a wide, yet focused audience and the company has plans to keep spreading its message worldwide, including at European Microwave Week 2012 in Amsterdam later this year.

President Li stated, “China has been known as a big producer but we are now developing technology, and CETC’s aim is to establish our technology and products in the international market and move forward.”