Versatile Power Inc. a designer and manufacturer of custom electronic subsystems, announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent Number US 8,115,366 B2, entitled “System and Method of Driving Ultrasonic Transducers” (the “Patent”), by the USPTO. This patent covers a unique method for electronically driving an ultrasonic transducer used in a variety of applications including medical, dental and many other applications requiring ultrasonic energy. The company’s management believes that the patent will support the company’s efforts in its goal to establish itself as a leader in ultrasonic drivers.
This patent relates particularly to a system and method for driving ultrasonic transducers. The transducer can be a part of or contained in many types of apparatus, including without limitation a surgical device, a cutting tool, a fragmentation tool, an ablation tool, and an ultrasound imaging device.
Ultrasonic transducers have been in use for many years. During that time little change has occurred in the way they are driven. Current driving circuits are based on resonant technology that has many limitations. Current technology depends on resonant circuits to drive ultrasonic transducers. Resonant circuits are designed to operate in a very narrow range of frequencies. There is also a need for a system and method for driving any transducer regardless of the resonance frequency of the transducer.

Versatile Power’s newly patented design has the ability to drive multiple transducers each having a different frequency, thereby allowing device manufacturers to take advantage of economies of scale by implementing the same driver with various transducers having different frequencies.

Additional information on this patent can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website: