Explore the RFMD® industry-leading RF and microwave product portfolio in booth 1210, with kiosks featuring solutions for WiFi and smart energy, wireless infrastructure, GaN RF power, microwave MMICs, and custom foundry services. View the company's in-booth demos for Microwave point-to-point chipsets and High-power GaN PAs and switches. RF technology and system experts will be on hand in the RFMD booth to meet with attendees and to answer questions.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with RFMD at IMS 2012, email Tim.Schamberger@rfmd.com.

RFMD Technical Sessions and Workshops

Sunday, June 17

  • Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Switches for Cellular and WLAN Front-End Applications

Monday, June 18

  • Design and Simulation of Integrated, High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Modules
  • Multi-Octave Practical Power Amplifier Realization using GaN on SiC

Tuesday, June 19

  • RTUIF8: Bias Optimized IP2 & IP3 Linearity and NF of a Decade-Bandwidth GaN MMIC Feedback Amplifier
  • TU3F-4: A 50MHz-16GHz Low Distortion SOI Voltage Controlled Attenuator IC with IIP3 > +38dBm and Control Range of > 25dB

Wednesday, June 20

  • Where are the Emerging Market Opportunities for GaN?
  • WE2F-1: Simultaneous Localization and Respiration Detection of Multiple People Using Low Cost UWB Biometric Pulse Doppler Radar Sensor

Thursday, June 21

  • TH1B: HF, VHF and UHF Power Amplifiers and Applications

Friday, June 22

  • GaN Low Noise Amplifiers and Technology
  • Broadband Lumped Package Modeling for Scaling Multi-Cell GaN HEMT Power Devices

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