Teledyne Relays Europe announces the expansion of the role of Richardson RFPD as a Pan-European distributor of Teledyne Relays and Teledyne Coax Switches products. Richardson RFPD, a distributor for specialised products, brings the technical and applications support to the market needed by customers for Teledyne products. With offices and sales support in all European countries, Richardson RFPD has highly skilled and experienced customer-facing application engineers and support staff.

Philippe Valy, Richardson RFPD VP of European Sales, said, "I welcome the opportunity to work more closely with Teledyne to expand our operations with their products across Europe." The Teledyne European Director of Sales and Marketing, Olivier Dilun, said, "Distribution is a very important element of the Teledyne European sales team, and the established presence of Richardson RFPD will benefit customers and Teledyne alike."

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