Lemko Corp. announces the premier live demonstration of their revolutionary 4G LTE Distributed Mobile Wireless Network (DiMoWiNe) solution at International CTIA Wireless May 8-10, 2012. This is one of the industry's first working LTE DiMoWiNe solutions.

The 700 MHz system highlights Lemko's DiMoWiNe solution that virtualizes the EPC and IMS core at each eNodeB. This places the mobility anchor at the wireless mobile broadband network's edge, eliminating the need for data to traverse a centralized EPC/core via tunneling. Lemko's DiMoWiNe creates the shortest possible communication path between subscribers and provides flat access to content. The DiMoWiNe "backhaul-less" system demonstrates major improvements in latency, while simplifying the network's design, at a significant reduction in reoccurring operational expenses common in traditional centralized EPC/IMS core solutions.

Demonstrations are by appointment only. Contact Brian Ponte, Vice President of Business Development, at 1 (847) 969-7775 or bponte@lemko.com to set up a meeting. Lemko is located in the Exhibitor Meeting Room area at MR-1636.

Lemko Corporation provides GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE end-to-end network solutions. By combining the design principles of the Internet with the mobility requirements of cellular, Lemko creates a powerful all-IP software package that shifts the network intelligence to the edge -- the cell site. Lemko is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.

For further information, please visit, www.lemko.com.