Monitor RF Power Anywhere in the World

Anritsu offers a comprehensive range of RF/microwave power meters and sensors covering 100 kHz to 65 GHz. Their wide frequency coverage and overall measurement capability make them suitable for measuring signals used in a wide variety of applications, such as LMR, TETRA, APCO/P25, cellular communications (e.g., GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE and WiMAX), tactical military radar and avionics. For measurement requirements involving CW signals, narrow pulses with fast-rising edges, or modulated signals, Anritsu has solutions – such as the ML2495A/ML2496Awideband peak power meters and MA24104A/MA24105A power sensors – that provide critical measurement data, including True-RMS and peak power, duty cycle, burst average power, crest factor, and Complimentary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF).

In some cases, it is helpful to take RF power measurements remotely. For example, a base station for a land mobile radio network may be in a remote area, such as on a mountaintop only accessible five months out of the year. Testing these types of sites is time consuming and expensive. Anritsu’s in-line USB peak power sensor measures RF/microwave signals to provide key information, including forward and reverse power, VSWR, return loss, and reflection coefficient, without the need to take the system down. In addition, the sensor can be monitored remotely anywhere there is Internet connectivity.  Whether the signal is analog, digital, or multi-carrier, the True-RMS sensors can measure power with various modulation. They are easy to operate for users of any skill level, as well.

Anritsu RF/microwave high-accuracy power measuring solutions are well suited for many applications, spanning from the lab to the production floor and out to the field. There are traditional benchtop meters and sensors, as well as USB sensors that can be used with a complementary PC power measurement application or Anritsu’s industry-leading series of handheld instruments.

Morgan Hill, CA