Broadband_Site_Master_S8x0DAnritsu’s handheld, battery-operated Broadband Site Master is the most accurate and convenient tool available for field installation, verification, troubleshooting and repair of microwave cables and communication systems. With calibrated vector error correction and a convenient user interface, difficult test specifications become easy to verify, quality is improved and maintenance expenses are reduced.

The Broadband Site Master targets microwave site installers, point-to-point operators, point-to-multipoint operators, radio manufacturers, private/public networks that support microwave links, and defense programs responsible for the installation and maintenance of microwave cables. The Broadband Site Master tests both waveguide and coaxial cables more conveniently than laboratory-sized scalar analyzers or microwave vector network analyzers.

  • Increased frequency range to cover 2 MHz to 20 GHz with a single connection
  • CW source module for true two-port cable loss measurements of long cables operating up to 20 GHz
  • Trace smoothing feature improves accuracy of cable loss measurements
  • Added capability to support user-defined calibration kits: two coaxial and two waveguide kits
  • Increased speed of power monitor measurements by four times
  • Simplified calibration routine with more messages and added support for the new T-Calibration components (OSLK50, OSLN50)
  • Line Sweep Tools software offers trace capture & storage for record keeping and baseline comparison analysis

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