3-dB-Hybrid-Couplers-2High-power, 3 dB Hybrid Couplers useful in BTS applications for combining two transmitters to share one antenna or for use to distribute signals for In-Building / DAS applications.

Available in eight bands: 400 to 520z, 698 to 1000 MHz, 800 to 1000 MHz, 969 to 1215 MHz, 1020 to 1040 MHz, 1070 to 1230 MHz, 1700 to 2200 MHz, 1850 to 1990 MHz.

Unique air-line construction provides lowest possible insertion loss while delivering high isolation (30 dB typical), exceptional VSWR (1.10:1 typical) and superior phase balance (3 degrees max.). Rated for 500 W (max.) and available with 7/16 DIN, N and SMA connectors.

Made in the USA - 36 month warranty.

Additional specs can be found on the website.

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