Versatile Power Inc., a technology leader in the design and manufacture of custom electronic subsystems, announced it has been selected to present at the 41st Annual Ultrasonic Industry Association (UIS) Symposium in San Francisco, Calif., April 16-18, 2012, at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel. The international conference is billed as being 'the event' where attendees can collaborate and stimulate innovation in the ultrasonic industry, life sciences, medical professions, physics laboratories, and colleges and universities.

During the Monday, April 16, 2012, Medical Sessions, Versatile Power's David Brubaker and Noah Wilson will present, "A Wideband Non-resonant Driver for Hi-Q Ultrasonic Transducers." The presentation will discuss a new system for medical and other ultrasonic applications that enables a digitally controlled ultrasound source to operate over a broad range of frequencies, overcoming limitations of traditional drives by resonant circuits that must operate over a relatively narrow frequency range. The controller performs both frequency scanning and phase tracking in real-time and has been validated in surgical applications.

More information on the 41st Annual Symposium of the Ultrasonic Industry Association can be found by contacting: Ultrasonic Industry Association, PO Box 2307, Dayton OH 45401-2307 USA, Telephone: +1-937-586-3725, Fax: +1-937-586-3699, email:,