AtlanTecRF claims that its new ALR series of Satellite Loop Test Translators (LTT) introduces, for the first time, the concept of synthesised Local Oscillator (LO) frequency control to provide the user with a compact, versatile and comprehensive approach to satellite communications equipment alignment and quality monitoring in both the Ka-band and Ku-bands.

Geoff Burling, AtlanTecRF CEO said, “We are very excited about the advantages these new test translators bring to the ground station operator. The ability to remotely monitor a variety of up and down link configurations with one instrument greatly increases their acquisition value and significantly improves quality monitoring regimes.”

The ability to select the LO frequency over a very wide range allows direct conversion from any spread of uplink frequencies to either any chosen downlink band or to L-Band, according to the model chosen. For example, any viable frequency range within the Ka Transmit (Tx) range of 27.5 to 31.5 GHz can be block converted to any Ka Receive (Rx) band within 17.7 to 21.2 GHz using the internal 8.8 to 10.95 GHz synthesised LO. For conversion from Ka Tx to L-Band a 25 to 27 GHz synthesised LO is used.

LO frequency selection in 25 MHz steps is available using either the front panel control with frequency readout on an LCD display or on a virtual control panel accessible via Ethernet over a LAN or via the internet. This easy to use, remote control facility allows the use of just one LTT for multiple tasks within a major ground station or teleport. The same local and remote control panels also enable signal level control in 0.25 dB steps over a 30 dB range, thereby increasing versatility and allowing varying inputs to be backed off to a common intensity.

In addition, the standard units in both Ka-Band and Ku-Band and are available with a line up of standard options which include a choice of internal or external 10 MHz reference, input and output filtering for high isolation, enhanced return loss and conversion gain performance, dual redundant power supplies and RS422/485 control. All indoor units come in a 1U x 19” rack with a choice of coaxial or waveguide inputs. An outdoor weatherproof housing option for -20 to +70C operation is also available.

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