Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that Télécom ParisTech, one of France's leading graduate engineering schools, has selected the company’s SystemVue software for use in analog and mixed integrated systems research. The electronic system-level software will play a critical role in the university's ongoing investigations and enable a much more predictive system-level design methodology.

Télécom ParisTech’s integrated systems research is being led by the Communication & Circuit System group and focuses on the optimization of a base-station transmitter. The objective of the study is to correctly define the specifications of the transmitter’s analog-to-digital converter, a key component of the amplifier predistortion loop. Agilent’s SystemVue aides in this research by accurately modeling the A/D converter together with the baseband and RF parts of the base-station transmitter to reproduce the component’s actual operating conditions.

Because the SystemVue software is specifically designed to reduce the design and verification time of communication systems, it will allow the Communication & Circuit System group to develop its system architectures more accurately and quickly. The software provides complete physical-layer libraries for the most advanced communication standards such as 3GPP LTE and the recent versions of 3GPP WCDMA, among others. System designers can use library models to verify the performance of one or more of their design’s functional blocks with standards-compliant waveforms.

“SystemVue allows us to use multiband 3GPP WCDMA signals to evaluate the specification of our A/D converter,” said Germain Pham, system architect with Télécom ParisTech. “Thanks to its built-in digital predistortion algorithms, SystemVue also lets us emulate the performance of the entire power amplifier predistortion loop. As a result, we are now able to accurately dimension our A/D converter so that it meets system-level specifications.”

“Agilent is pleased to enable leading wireless researchers like those at Télécom ParisTech to move forward in meeting their study objectives,” said Riccardo Giacometti, application engineer with Agilent. “Because the university’s application crosses the boundary between the analog and signal-processing domains, researchers have chosen SystemVue to provide the system-level insight they need to achieve the next-generation performance they’re after.”

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