Skyworks Solutions Inc. introduced several new 3G and 4G high-efficiency front-end solutions, collectively known as SkyHi™, for smartphones, tablets and wireless data modules. Skyworks’ SkyHi™ solutions deliver industry-leading power-added efficiency performance for today’s data intensive mobile platforms, extending battery life, reducing the radio footprint, and simplifying calibration for manufacturers.

“Today’s applications and devices require improved efficiency at high power,” said Thomas J. Richter, senior marketing director of front-end solutions at Skyworks.  “Skyworks’ new family of SkyHi™ amplifiers and front-end modules deliver close to 50 percent power-added efficiency, and offer a path to even higher efficiency when utilized in an envelope tracking system.”

According to Ericsson, a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services, mobile broadband connections, which provide the means to connect to the Internet and download data or other content, are exploding. They estimate that there were more than 500 million mobile broadband subscribers globally in 2010 with subscriptions expected to grow to more than 2.5 billion subscribers in 2014, representing a compounded annual growth rate of 44 percent.

  About Skyworks’ SkyHi™ Front-end Solutions

  • The SKY77619 (Bands I, II, III, IV, V and VIII) is a multimode, multiband power amplifier module (PAM) that supports 2.5G/3G and 4G handsets and operate efficiently in GSM, EGPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and LTE modes.
  • The SKY77733 (Bands XIII/XIV) and SKY77737 (Bands XII/XVII) are fully matched surface-mount modules PAMs developed for LTE applications.
  • The SKY77751 and SKY77752 are dual band power amplifiers supporting either Bands I and VIII or II and V.  They come in a 3 x 4 mm package and have either a single RF input or dual RF input for CDMA and WCDMA applications.
  • The SKY77761 is a PAM that is a fully matched 10-pad surface mount module developed for WCDMA applications.
  • The SKY77762, SKY77764, SKY77765 and SKY77768 are PAMs supporting Band I, II, IV, V and VIII, respectively, developed for CDMA, WCDMA and LTE applications.