Wireless local area networking (WLAN) is growing in popularity among US companies. In January 2004, In-Stat/MDR conducted a survey of network administrators who are knowledgeable and personally involved in their organization’s purchase and use of LAN equipment and services. Currently, the vast majority of surveyed companies use a wired LAN, with nearly half using a wireless LAN in addition to a wired LAN. Other findings include:

  • Currently, 802.11b is the most popular technology used within WLANs, with most of the surveyed respondents using this 11 Mbps, 2.4 GHz technology.
  • Smaller firms are more likely to offer access to a higher percentage of the workforce. This is predominantly due to easier management of fewer devices’ users.
  • Most companies that have a WLAN offer basic corporate LAN access. This includes Internet access, e-mail, Intranet, file sharing and printer sharing.
  • While 802.11b is the most common WLAN technology currently deployed, it is not the most popular for future WLAN developments.
  • Generally, companies that are planning to deploy a WLAN are going to provide access to a large percentage of the employees within the company.
  • Surprisingly, many respondents have no plans for developing a WLAN in the future. The most common reason for not planning a deployment of a WLAN is the lack of a need for one.

For more information, access the report “Business Insight for the Wireless LAN.