Quake Global Inc. announced that Iridium Communications Inc. has certified its Q4000 modem. The Q4000 is the world’s first communications device manufactured by an Iridium partner based on an Iridium chipset. QUAKE’S Q4000 -- the latest addition to QUAKE’s extensive modem portfolio for asset tracking and remote two-way communications -- is shipping immediately. It is the first integrated, dual mode Iridium/GSM product available to the asset tracking market.

Although it is only the size of a smart phone, the Q4000 includes multiple powerful features. It is a self-contained, highly configurable and fully programmable global machine-to-machine (M2M) communicator that customers can easily integrate into any asset tracking solution. The Q4000 carries QUAKE’s tradition for rugged reliability with uncompromising performance in the most inhospitable, unforgiving environments. Whether it is used for applications on land, air or sea, the Q4000 can cost-effectively communicate from anywhere in the world in near real-time through the world’s furthest-reaching network, Iridium.

The Q4000 has the ability to determine the optimal transmission method, whether satellite or terrestrial. It also enables application features such as remote predictive maintenance, event logging, geo-fencing, DOT compliance and GPS tracking. QUAKE’s simple, dependable, feature rich API gives users unprecedented flexibility to incorporate tracking and asset management features in a broad range of applications without needing extensive programing knowledge. Applications for remote tracking, monitoring and controlling assets are no longer limited by technology, but only by imagination.

“QUAKE is the first Iridium partner to integrate Iridium chipset technology,” said David Wigglesworth, Iridium’s Vice President of Data Services. “The resulting Q4000 clearly demonstrates the powerful combination of two leading companies in the M2M market. Iridium’s communications innovation, combined with QUAKE’s leadership in providing small, cost-effective and durable asset tracking technology, results in a compelling solution that meets the global requirements of QUAKE’s demanding customers. QUAKE plays an important role in the Iridium partner ecosystem as a leading manufacturer of M2M modems. The Iridium-based Q4000 enables the highest performance asset tracking applications around the world due to this partnership of best in class technologies.”